Advanced ePMV Techniques, co-workshop with Graham Johnson

Overview, examples, documentation, and downloads

This workshop was presented at the Association of Medical Illustrators 2015 Conference in Cleveland, OH.

Push your modeling and animation skills to the next level! Our half-day workshop will incorporate ePMV (the embedded Python Molecular Viewer) into advanced molecular-animation techniques taught in Cinema 4D (C4D). Learn how to increase productivity while simultaneously generating more natural-looking and accurate molecular and cellular visualizations. Sick of editing keyframes? The project-based lessons will teach you how to apply wise rigging, efficient cloning, physics, and simple scripting to replace unwieldy keyframe approaches with controlled simulation. Automation and semi-automation techniques that are broadly applicable beyond C4D and molecular subjects will be taught through the sequential buildup of the following projects: ligands binding to a shape-shifting protein, a massive collection of agent-based molecular interactions (a signaling cascade of protein phosphorylations simulated using random Brownian walks with distant-dependent actions), efficient actin filament construction followed by dynamic filament assembly, and motor proteins walking on a microtubule that you will construct by coupling electron microscopy protein structure data with C4D’s powerful character motion systems.

Participants must have completed the ePMV Basics Tutorial ( prior to the workshop. We strongly recommend having at least 50 hours of previous C4D experience, but no programming experience is required.


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